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Written by Maxx   
Sunday, 03 August 2008 00:48

Well Liam is now 1 year old. Hard to believe, but he is a real personality now and just as cute as anything. A little video put together and uploaded to You Tube. I hope the link works. Check the time Paige is up and having a shower!

It was for afternoon tea, and all the local family turned up and Dianne and Eddy from Echuca way. Took some time before Liam realised they where all there for him.

This is part one, just as the day was starting. I will have part two ready and published tomorrow (Sunday 3rd) I hope. I have a garage to empty of rubbish, so we will see how we go.

The video was filmed on my little, then cheap, video camera. I then edited using a program called Kino, not very familiar with it, but turned out o.k. All done on the Mandriva system. If I can get kdenlive running right, it will be much quicker.
There is a SVCD version in the info/downloads section, just clik on the "here" and save.
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