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Written by Maxx   
Tuesday, 16 September 2008 18:07

On the 13th of September, at exactly 14 months of age (almost to the hour) Liam took his first real steps and began walking.  Below is the video of the event.  He started after lunch while we where out enjoying some sunshine after looking at the house for sale up the road.  Grandad and Nanna where here to see as they came for lunch and a look at the house as well.  The last part of the video with the credits you see Liam running around inside with his trolly.  He never really touched until now and goes all over the house with it.  The next step is to get him onto the bike he got for his birhtday.

Anyway, enjoy the video.  It is available in downloads as a SVCD, mpeg and ogg file in higher resolution, I'll try to do a SVCD ISO file for playing on DVD players.  Downloads is only available to registered users, if you goto Info and don't see downloads, you are not logged on.  You can register by going to the register page and putting in some details and I will activate the account.  This will also allow you to submit articles and when I get the working module, even comments to articles.

The music is by Whiteyes under the creative commons license.  The tune is called "La ballade de la Fourmis".  If you cannot tell, they are French.  They also do some stuff for Try^d as well.  You can check them out here, at ogg.jamendo.com.  I used Kino, KDEnlive to edit, and The Gimp to do some still modifications, all on the Kubuntu system, all software that is free.

Anyway, thanks for watching, I hope you enjoyed it.



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