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Written by Maxx   
Sunday, 03 January 2010 12:07
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Number 5

Tomb Raider:Underworld

Genre:    Puzzle

Platform: PS3 (Windows)

Popularity: 2.6 Million copies (wiki)

Release Date: November 2008

I had Tomb Raider 1 and 2 for PC when they came out in the nineties and thoroughly enjoyed the shooter and puzzles in the same game.  I did not however return to it until I got the PS3 and checked the latest in the franchise (there are 9 in the series so far), Underworld.  The game trailer is pretty awesome, and I liked that they used Mozarts "Requiem" as the music.  It is very well done.

The graphics where fantastic and game play is well suited for the console.  It took around 8 months to finish with a lot of help from a walk through as well, but a great story with some great creatures as well.  Down side was the trophies became available, about, around halfway through my game, so I missed a lot of trophies first round.  I might go back to it and start again, but I have plenty of other games, so maybe not.

I always felt that Lara Croft was the girl for nineties geeks, like Kelly LeBrock was for us in the eighties.


Number 4


Genre: Real time strategy

Platform:  Linux, BeOS, OS X, Windows.

Popularity: Free, no sales data.

Release Date: 1997

Although released last century, I did not come across this game until around 2006.  It was pretty basic, but quite playable and spent a few all nighters playing it early on.  It is now part of my standard repository install when I do a Linux install, and I supply it when ever I set up a PC for some one, whether Windows or Linux.  For a free game, it is really good.


Number 3

Vega Strike

Genre: Space Combat/Trade Simulator

Platform:  Linux (multi PC Platform)

Popularity:  GPL, free, no sales data

Awards: Trophees du Libre (Jeux)

Release Date: unknown, estimate early this century.

I played this game quite a bit.  It has pretty good graphics and good game structure.  My enjoyment of it continues on from Frontier Elite (probably my number one game for the 1990's) a space sim with ongoing mission structure, no ending or winning point in the game.  Vega Strike has been modded into an Elite styled game called Elite Strike.  I have not tried this mod as yet, but have installed it a number of times, I will get to it one day.

I have slowed down a bit, as the joystick is getting a bit worn out, so until that is replaced, Vega Strike will have a bit of a break for a while.


Number 2


Genre: Role Playing Game

Platform:   PS3 (Windows, Xbox)


Release Date:   2006

I originally got this for PC and played flat out for a couple of months.  I still like the game play and am dissapointed that nothing else similar has come out yet, but time will tell.  Before Oblivion I played Ultima 9, so this was a natural move.  I was after the expansion pack when I came across Oblivion GOTY edition for PS3 and that is when I started playing the PS3 version.  I finally completed the main quest after playing for three years, in 2009, before Dragon Age came out as I figured my playing will slow down after I got Dragon Age.


Number 1

The Sims 2

Genre: Simulation

Platform: Windows

Popularity: 13 Million copies

Release date: 2004

This game has kept me entertained for 5 years.  I have every expansion pack and I estimate I have spent around $1000 on everything simlish.

I started to play The Sims when I bought a copy of it for Linux.  I got hooked.  Unfortuanately the expansions where not released for Linux so I had to get it for Windows and played quite a bit.  We got all the expansions for the first one and Paige and myself eagerly awaited the release of The Sims 2.

When it came out it was like opening a fresh pack of Oro coffee, and it ended up being the most played game I have.  Each expansion just got better and game play just got better.  I still have it installed and will be archiving it in the current state before I remove it from my hard drive.  I have gone to take it off now twice, and just cant quite do it yet.


Well that is my top ten games for the decade.  Many of the games I still play and probably will for a while.  Undoubtedly The Sims 3 will be the most dominate game for the next few years, andmthe first expansion is really good.  It is difficult to believe they could do better from the old Sims 2.  I still miss a lot, like aliens (Ths Sims 2), weather (Seasons) and the Open for Business EP would be my favorite just squeezing past the last one, Apartment life.  But I suspect great things await us in The Sims 3 universe.

Below is the rest of the game I purchased in the last ten years that did not make it to the list, some only just miss out, but others where complete waste of money.  I hope you enjoyed the read, and feel free to sign up and make a comment.




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