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Written by Maxx   
Sunday, 31 July 2011 19:53

Just learned how to get Esperanto characters in Ubuntu using the Gnome AccessX Status widget for the panel.  Here is how I did it.

First I added the Keyboard Preference widget to the panel.

  • Right Click your panel and select "Add to Panel.
  • Select "Keyboard Accessibility Status" and click the add button.
  • Now you should have the Wheelchair symbol on your panel.
  • Left click the icon and you should get the "Keyboard Preferences"

From here you can select all sorts of keyboard layouts, I selected the Esperanto one and I will also show how you can switch keyboards easily on the fly depending on what you are typing.

Next, add the Esperanto keyboard.

  • Left click the Wheelchair icon and bring up the "Keyboard Preferences" gump.
  • Select the "Layouts" tab.
  • Click the "Add" button, you will see the "Choose Layout" gump.
  • Select the "By Language" Tab.
  • Select Esperanto from the Language drop down box.
  • In my case, I selected the Esperanto Variant.
  • In the bottom left, you can print the layout
  • Select "Add" at the bottom right.

You will now see the Esperanto layout in your "Keyboard Preferences" in the second position and you can close this.  To select the Esperanto layout, just hit "Shift" and "Caps Lock" once, now you have the Esperanto layout active and Q W Y [ ] X will now be Ŝ Ĝ Ŭ Ĵ Ĥ Ĉ.  In this aŭout ŭou ĝill .... oops, I'll just switch back.  In this layout you will notice the regular characters are next to the Esperanto characters which means, if you are in the Esperanto layout, hitting "Right ALT" and those keys, Q W Y [ ] X, you will get the regular characters, handy if you want to type "www" while in the Esperanto layout.

Hope you find this handy.  I am trying to see how to customise the US layout to have those characters available from the "Right ALT" as some of the Esperantistoj had done on earlier versions of Ubuntu.  When I work it out I'll post here, but the current set up will suffice for me for now.  I'll also check out Natty and leave instructions on how to here as well.  And when I am better at Esperanto, I'll post this and the next one in Esperanto, but a bit more study before that.


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