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Written by Maxx   
Wednesday, 03 August 2011 00:49

Well I now have the method to put Esperanto circumflexes (supersigno) onto the keyboard layout and use what is called AltGr or using the right Alt key to bring up the characters.  The same method can be applied to the Gnome desktop although the screen shots are from Unity.

Unity Menu shotI hope to make this as easy as possible for new users to Ubuntu and Linux/Gnome desktop.  I really have only investigated Ubuntu so I hope this works for Gnome desktop in general, but no guarantee.

First off, go to the menu and select "More Apps", head to "All Applications" at the top right of the menu gump and move the mouse curser down to "Themes and Tweaks" and click.  In here you will see an icon marked simply "Keyboard", select it (you may have to click "See nn more results").

For Gnome, go to System -> Preferences -> Keyboard.

Now with the Keyboard preferences gump open, select the "Layouts" tab, here you should see your keyboard, in my case, USA International.  I use this as I like to have easy access to é, e with an acute, as my daughters name is Amélie, plus some of the other characters.  Now, click on the "Options" button at the bottom left and this is what should come up.

Keyboard layout options

This is a list of addition options, we are going to focus on only two, "Adding Esperanto Circumflexes" and "Key to choose 3rd Qwerty keyboard selectedlevel".  Click on the triangle next to "Adding Esperanto Circumflexes" and select the "Corresponding .." keyboard, in my case, the Qwerty one.

Next, scroll down to the triangle with "Key to choose 3rd level" and expand.  Scroll down a little bit until you see, "Right Alt" and check it.  This will allow you to type the Circumflexes by just holding down the right Alt key, and the corresponding letter.  Click on the "Close" button.

Layout with CircumflexesIf you now click on the "Show..." button, it will show your keyboard layout, and from there you can even print it out if needed.  I have a screen shot of what you should expect to see.  Now you can type ĉ ĝ ĥ ĵ ŝ ŭ just by holding the right Alt key and c g h j s u.  Close the layout screen and go back to the preferences gump.  At the bottom you will see a field for testing the keyboard out.  Just type the letters, or something to see that you have what your after.

I hope this is not to wordy to understand, but easy enough for any one to set up.  If your interested in Esperanto, you can go to Lernu and learn more.  Anyway, next task is to write this in Esperanto, maybe in a little while.

Shot of test field.

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