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Stranger than Science Fiction .... Product Placement and the Future of Film PDF Print E-mail
Written by Maxx   
Sunday, 21 August 2011 00:35

Reference to a story by Jay Garmon.
Crimes Against Science Fiction.

Carmel and I are fans of The Gruen Transfer, the ABC program on advertising hosted by native Gippslander, Wil Anderson, and shown on ABC1 on Wednesdays.  The next episdoe is going to be talking about product placement.

Carmel has noticed that many shows on our local stations have more product placement than before, from Apple to smaller local companies like Ink and Spindle.  This has allowed a more relaxed attitude to online piracy due to the advertisers still being able to advertise into the pirated media and gain exposure.  This was really inevitable, because during adds we go off and make coffee, toilet or discuss something else.  But while we are watching the program, we see product that does stuff, looks cool and might just be the right colour for the bedroom!.

The story is not strictly the same, but does make me wonder about the future of film/video production.  I can see at a pitch, a question like .... "What products can you place into this film?", might be a more prevalent question from producers.  I am not that active in the industry, but it does make me wonder.  I cannot help but picture the movie "State and Main" where they need to place a web page (www .... etc) into a period piece before the internet existed.  Could we see genre volume change. .... oh no ... the death of Sci Fi due to not being able to sell a "Mr Fusion"

Is this good for us?, read the story and be the judge.

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