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This is a list of O.S.'s that offer Open Source solutions, or GPL products. Essentially .... free.  You can goto these sites and download the O.S. and install it on as many machines you like without breaking your license agreement.

 Please. If you like a product, consider purchasing the commercial item and support the choices these people actually offer us.

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1   Link   Fedora Core Project
The host of the OS that is running this server. Go check em out.
2   Link   Mandriva
I run this on my Compaq laptop that I use to do all editing on this site.
3   Link   PCLinuxOS
This is a popular distribution, but I am not a big fan of the maintainers. However it is based on Mandriva (one of my favorite Distro's) and it uses synaptic as the package manager (The best package manager in my opinion).
4   Link   Ubuntu
Really the most popular distribution out. As at writing this, it is at number one at distrowatch. Comes with Gnome, KDE (Kubuntu), XFCE (Xubuntu) and Enlightenment (OpenGEU). There is a student version and Christian as well, amongst others.
5   Link   Debian
One of the oldest still maintained distros. Very stable to use and is the parent of many other distributions, the most popular being Ubuntu. But not overly user friendly to install. Have a crack if you REALLY like to play with computers.
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